Build you charms necklace and charms bracelet

-22% Onyx Pop Charm
Black Onyx bezel set Pop Charm in sterling silver 92512 mm length6 mm width..
$45 $35
Palm Tree Charm or dangle in sterling silver for beach lovers26.5 mm length11 mm width..


-20% Pear Rose Quartz Charm
Pear Rose Quartz Charm in sterling silver18 mm length8.5 mm width..
$49 $39
Personalized Birthstone Disc in sterling silver with rhodiumDiameter 14.3 mm2 mm lab created Gemston..


Engravable Small Heart Locket in sterling silver24 mm Width23 mm LengthFits Thank You Mommy Necklace..


Personalized Heart Locket Charm26 mm length20.5 mm width..


-51% Personalized Little Hear
Little Heart Engravable charm or pendant in sterling silver 9 mm width11 mm lengthFits all Than..
$79 $39
-12% Personalized Robe Disc
Personalized Robe Disc in sterling silver22 mm length14 mm width..
$85 $75
Engravable Mini Tag  Charm or pendant in sterling silver 10 mm width16 mm lengthFits all T..


Butterfly Dangle or charm in sterling sliver12.8 mm length10.7 mm width..


Petite four leaf clover dangle or charmBuild your own chain link charm bracelet23.75 mm length1..


Record Player Charm or dangle in sterling silver 24 mm Length23 mm width4 mm height ..


-29% Slide Suede Bracelet
Adjustable slide suede leather hand-made bracelet with a charmBy default comes with our Special desi..
$49 $35
-56% Star Charm
Initials Charm Star Necklace in 92.7 sterling silverThe Star Charm is 10 mm widthYou can add chain N..
$79 $35
Star Dangle or charm in sterling silverBuild your own chain link bracelet charm23.5 mm length13.5 mm..


Initials Charms Necklace in sterling silver with a good layer of 10 k gold or rhodium. This is a spe..


-22% Initials Charms Bracelet
Initials Charms Bracelet in sterling silverThis is a special bracelet gift for moms, sisters and bes..
$90 $70
Hand-made dainty birthstone 4 mm charm with 925 sterling silver pinComes in twelve semi-precious gem..


-20% Gold Pear Rose Quartz Charm
Pear Rose Quartz Charm in sterling silver dipped in 14 k gold18 mm length8.5 mm width..
$49 $39
-22% Moonstone Pop Charm
Round Bezel Moonstone in Sterling Silver12 mm length6 mm width..
$45 $35