-29%  Star Studs
Star Studs in Sterling silver with RhodiumLittle star designed for everyday to wearYou can buy Moon ..
$49 $35
Accented Cabochon Earrings studs  in sterling silver with beautiful little diamonds 10 mm ..


-26% Balls Studs
Balls Studs in sterling silverDiameters 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm diameters..
$39 $29
Birthstone Bar Studs in sterling silverCan be customized with one to 4 birthstones or Lab-create Dia..


Circle Diamond Birthstone Studs in sterling silver 925 with layer of  rhodium7.35 mm diameter&n..


Crescent Cultured Pearl Studs in sterling silver 925Pearl 4 - 4.5 mm7.6 mm length5.27 mm width..


Two Bezel Set Studs in sterling silver with a layer of rhodium 7,45 mm length4.5 mm widthComes ..


Dome Diamond Birthstone  Studs in sterling silver 9254.8 mm width 4.8 mm length1.8 mm..


Endless Hoops Earrings in sterling silver 92513 mm,15 mm or 19 mm diameters1.5 mm thick..


Geometric Studs in sterling silver with a layer of rhodium12 mm length8 mm width..


-13% Gold Balls Studs
Solid Gold Balls Studs in 14 k goldBall Diameter 3 mmBright Polished..
$75 $65
Gold Bar Studs in 14 k gold8.7 mm length1.8 mm width ..


Gold Crescent cultured Pearl Studs in 14 k goldPearl 4 - 4.5 mm7.6 mm length5.26 mm width..


Gold Geometric Studs 14 k Gold12 mm length8 mm width..


Gold Heart Studs in 14 k gold8 mm length8 mm width..


Endless Hoops Earrings in 14k gold12 mm diameters1 mm thick..


Gold Infinity Suds in 14 k gold9 mm lenght3.5 mm width..


Gold Moon Studs..


Gold Star Studs in 14 k gold6 mm length6 mm width..


Infinity Studs in sterling silver 925 with layer of rhodium9 mm length3.5 mm width..